Education starts at home. It should be nurtured by one’s parents, but a parent has to hope that by the time their child gets to school that there are people there that are capable of helping our children explore their options on their educational journey.

This is a story that reflects a decline in the American educational system. I’m not going to go on any long diatribe about some/all of the educational support available. I know many teachers in the trenches who feel abandoned by the federal government; for all of the goverment planning and regulations about not leaving any children behind, there seems to be a real lack of focus on ensuring that the next generation of workers are armed with the skills they will need to compete. IBM is beginning to realize that fact, as they find fewer and fewer qualified Americans. They are starting to do something about it in the private sector. I hope more corporations follow this example and give back as well.

Wherever your beliefs place you on the political spectrum, one thing is certain — as Americans living in one of the richest nations in the world, it is our duty to demand that the federal, state and local governments do their due diligence to ensure our children have the very best educational options, and whatever assistance we can ask for and/or demand from the private sector is not only a welcome addition, it may be the very thing that saves the next generation of Americans.