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Toys: A Great Way To Wind Up Your Brain!

Genius is play. It is play in its purest form according to Alberto Botero, the founder and CEO of the MindfulGroup, an organization that provides educational toys, based in Manhattan.

As children, you probably played with toys to help you learn and be more creative. Now that you are a grown up, you may think that there is no room for toys in your life. However, remember that toys are given to children to help them be creative and imaginative, children are the true masters of play. They intuitively grasp the value of the fun and wisdom of playing. The question is: now that you are a grown up, why not use them for the same reasons?

If used properly, toys can greatly increase your creativity and innovation, and they can also help you alleviate stress. Here are some tips about how to wind up your brain in your everyday life.

Sometimes, certain kinds of problems need new and original solutions and you cannot always solve them by "thinking inside the box". Let yourself loose and take a "brain break" with interesting puzzles and building blocks. You will come back to the problem refreshed, and the creative play may just have opened the floodgates of useful new ideas.

If you know that a friend or a family member is having a tough time, has been working long hours, or just needs cheering up, consider giving a toy as a gift. A funny wind- up toy or small stuffed animal will bring a smile to anyone's face, no matter how grown-up they are. Plus it will put some color and fun into things.

Finally, in today's office environments, more and more people are complaining of injuries resulting from repetitive tasks. These injuries include lower back pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain from monotonous computer work. So why not head off those injuries at the pass by putting up a foam dartboard, basketball net, or table hockey set in your workplace? Many large corporations have elaborate game rooms for such purposes.

If you think that these tips may encourage you to slack off, think again. By providing yourself with positive, constructive, and fun ways to think creatively, de-stress, and take much-needed breaks, you are helping yourself to work and live better. And who knows? You may find yourself laughing more, working better, and feeling happier.

The MindfulGroup is an organization based in New York City, dedicated to the search for the most fantastic, innovative and unusual toys from all over the world for both kids and grown ups. To find out more about them, please go to http://www.mindfulgroup.com, or contact Alberto Botero at beto@mindfulgroup.com.

This article courtesy of http://www.htoy.com. You may freely reprint this article on your website or in your newsletter provided this courtesy notice and the author name and URL remain intact.

Article by Alberto Botero, http://www.mindfulgroup.com

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