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Multiple Intelligences and Your Child

So, what can a parent do?

Well, first we, as parents, need to accept ownership of our children's education. We need to be actively involved in their educational growth and learn how to help them learn. Since most school systems typically focus on only a subset of the Multiple Intelligences model (e.g. Verbal and Math), we need to first identify where our children's aptitudes and abilities lie.

While finding a child's MI aptitudes is important, it must be stated that no one is every completely without some affinity for a particular intelligence. We all, of course, have preferences and preferred methods of learning, which means we may have more success learning and retaining a particular piece of information by using our preferred methods. Of course, if you don't know what your preferred method(s) is, how can you possibly be expected to succeed?

For example, a child who is oriented towards the Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence may have actual problems sitting still during reading time in their classroom environment. This child might be ordered to sit still and may then experience problems paying attention. Through no fault of their own and perhaps without understanding from their teacher, these children may be identified as suffering from behavioral problems and in the worst cases identified as having certain medical problems, such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Now, we're not saying that ADHD is a misdiagnosis for all children, but this scenario represents one possible alternative explanation for an issue that many parents are faced with that is simply a case of not understanding which intelligence their child truly needs to utilize in a learning environment.

An MI Assessment...it's not a test

At Wonderbrains, we don't like words that might end up branding a child such as "tests", "strengths", or "weaknesses"; we admit it. However, assessing your child's aptitudes and areas for improvement is an important step to helping them grow. With this in mind, we recommend taking our Wonderbrains MI Assessment™ (coming soon) to help determine where your child's interests or areas for improvement may be. By answering our simple questionnaire, you will be provided with a clear picture of which intelligences your child is most likely to employ in a learning situation, as well as those intelligence areas they are least likely to use.

Building All of a Child's Intelligences

While every person has their own preferred intelligences, working on areas of improvement will not only help to make a child more well-rounded and prepared for a potentially difficult learning situation in the future, but also help build their self-esteem in dealing with learning environments that may not necessarily be ideal for them. To address these considerations, we, at Wonderbrains, have developed a learning curriculum that can be applied across the MI spectrum for use with the products that we sell.

Using the curriculum

While the Wonderbrains curriculum can be used either to increase an already strong intelligence area or help develop an area for improvement, it is recommended that parents utilize this curriculum to help their children understand their preferred methods of learning and to grow in their understanding of the various multiple intelligence types.

This curriculum is provided at no cost to our customers as we see this being a catalyst for helping your child rather than a service that should be paid for. We do however need to stay in business, so we ask if you find our products and associated activities to be helpful, please share your experiences with your friends and us. Additionally, if there are areas in which you think we need to improve or create variations to our activities we ask you to share those as well.

We believe that sharing your experiences and/or improvements with as wide an audience as possible will help ensure that we continue to find and improve on our own methods for helping all children strengthen their multiple intelligences.

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