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Fun Preschool Activity — I Am A Fish

Teaching Objective/Before You Begin

I Am A Fish is a great activity to help your child use her natural creativity. As you help her create the picture which allows her to practice the skills of using glue, crayons, and markers, talk about all the different things she might find in the sea. While she draws them, print their names on a separate piece of paper. When her picture is finished, read the names together and let her point to each item in her picture. To reinforce her curiosity make up a story about her picture together and print it onto a large piece of chart paper. Underline the names you have printed on the first piece of paper (these were the notes she made for her story). Then have her match each individual name with the place it was used in her story. Talk about the sentences using an upper case letter for the first word in each sentence as well as well as for the first letter in each name as it appears in the sentence and periods at the end of each sentence. Her own story written with her "notes" and in simple sentences will help her gain an understanding of simple sentence structuring as well as how books and stories are composed.

Materials Needed

  • Blue construction paper
  • Photo of your child's face
  • Glue
  • Sand
  • Brushes
  • Crayons or washable markers
  • Chart Paper

Activity Steps

  1. Create a story about living and swimming at the bottom of the sea.
  2. Brush glue onto the blue paper. Sprinkle sand on the paper and wait until glue dries. Pour off the excess sand.
  3. In one of the "unsandy" spaces, glue your child's photo.
  4. Using crayons or markers, draw a fish's tale and body onto the photo. Cut out the picture.
  5. Write out the story on the chart paper, paste your child's photo on the chart paper above the story and draw more illustrations on the chart paper to go along with the story.

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